About “Geeks do Post-Op”

The Geeks:  My Wife and I are the geeks in question.  I am an engineer and an unrepentant Do It Yourself’er (DIY).  My Wife has more degrees and professions than I can count and she is a prodigious planner and organizer.  Both of us appreciate what technology can do to ease our lives.

The Post-OP:  My Wife had total knee replacement surgery a couple months ago.  Her recovery is progressing and, as we start this blog, she is still in physical therapy (PT).  My surgery was two days ago:  ankle and foot, FDL to replace/repair an injured tendon, plus two bone cuts and a few metal parts to reconstruct the arch.

The Content:  This blog contains preparations, tips, suggestions, and ideas that we have found useful in our respective recoveries.  Some ideas we were clever enough to think of prior to their need, some we learned from other sources, and others we developed along the way.  We hope these ideas will be useful for you.

We are not making any specific product or brand recommendations, but we’ll let you know what worked for us.  Please do your own research.  We hope our experiences will give you a head start.

Obviously, most of these suggestions need to be done before your surgery.  That’s the point.  Be a Post-OP Prepper.

The Disclaimers:  You will find no medical or nutritional advice in this blog.  Your docs and other medical professionals can provide that information.  The topics here are intended only to help you implement their instructions and to ease your recovery.  Nothing within should put you, or us, at odds with the FDA, AMA, BATF, DOJ, DOE, DOD, IRS, CIA, ASPCA, NASA, FAA, FCC, or even the TSA.  Blah, blah, blah.  Follow your Mother’s advice, “Wear your warm coat and boots.”  Your mileage may vary.